Published on 19 January 2021 at 14:34

Mark 9:36


For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?


So I’m tossing and turning a little and I land here. Almost as I am landing my mind shoots to my prayer life and the direction my sails seem to be blowing. It seems that the Father will let me see a need in another persons life so that I will know how to pray effectively for the body.

HE is great like that.

Once I start praying for the body I find that my issue, my hang nail seems so small. Maybe our Father does this so that we stay balanced. In this age getting wrapped up in myself is easy.


Laying my life down and crucifying my flesh is hard.


‘When you pray for others GOD works on shifting things in your favor.’


My goal is to always lovingly deliver a message of hope that will point the reader directly to the heart of GOD.


Not to me...


Its true.

We are to be salt and light.

We are lamps. And we should not hide our light under bushels. However, while I am letting my little light shine, I need to be sure that I shine my little light at the LORD.


I want to be HOLY GHOST junior. I know that sounds hilarious... but it’s true. You can always tell if the Holy Spirit is leading you to talk because HE always points to the LIGHT. And that light is JESUS CHRIST.


Remember, in all of our getting, we must get an understanding. When you see your brothers and sisters in the LORD, do you just SEE the flesh, or do you SEE their soul. Don’t be so busy that you are glancing at members of the body of CHRIST without actually knowing them.


Get an understanding...

Understand the man... the person.



Right now...


Close your eyes with me.

Block out the kids, school, bills, traffic...


Give it all away in this moment to JESUS. Let HIM hold it.


Don’t worry.


HE won’t drop it.

HE can handle it.

Remember, that HIS arms were stretched wide on the cross for you. HE can carry every burden.

Let HIM hold bill, stress...

Let HIM hold that child, cook dinner...

Rest in HIS arms as HE cradles you, and your plans

And your spouse..



And as HE lovingly cradles these things accept HIS peace...


HIS Peace...

HIS Peace




HE said, “My peace I leave with you...”

It’s a gift.

And it’s yours...


Now... you are at rest


Ask HIM, in this place of rest,  to be bread of life and living water to you. You have given HIM your world. Now let HIM feed and replenish your soul..


Now you are clear. In order for you to be in a place where you can perceive and pray your spirit must be free of clutter.


Remain clutter free.

Remain at peace...

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