Published on 18 January 2021 at 15:17

Its true...


We are in a storm.


But maybe GOD isn’t moving the storm because HE has each one of us right where HE wants us!




Mark outlines the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish in the 6th chapter.

The “miracle” took place IN A DESERTED PLACE!


A miracle, in a deserted place?


The location of the miracle is what makes it so special!

When they reached their place of rest, it was only dirt. And that was ok because JESUS said, a few scriptures before that, that the plan was to go “away to a deserted place and rest”

And they did!

But right before they ate, JESUS told them to “sit down on the grass...”


A question...

Where would grass grow in the wilderness?


IN the deserted place...


Grass grew where they walked, because they were with the LIVING WATER and where HE goes, things have to grow!


Psalm 1:3 says we shall be like trees PLANTED! (meaning we won’t fall), by the RIVERS!


So, we walked into a deserted place, ‘DESERT’! How do RIVERS flow IN the desert!

They do when you have HE who is LIVING WATER WITH YOU!


So you now have rivers, trees, bread, fish and grass IN the desert.


INSIDE of your deserted place...


Psalm 1:3 And he shall be like a tree, planted by the RIVERS of water, that bringeth forth fruit in his season...

So in 3 days, IN YOUR desert, you have sat with the ONE that will cause grass to grow!


IN your deserted place!


Things GROW where HE goes!

If you need life, get LIFE THAT GROWS ABUNDANTLY!

If you are looking for bread, lift the Saviour UP, commune with HIM, because HE has fish sandwiches!


For a time, just try dropping devices... TVs, radios, video games, our cell phones, iPads and iPhones.

Let’s drop whatever distracts from us from seeing HIM and DROP TO YOUR KNEES...

JESUS IS beckoning us. HE is telling us to come to a deserted place.

Come where you will find rest, eat and sleep. HE is going to talk to you and teach you and when you come out you will have FRUIT to show for it!

You are going to come out of this MORE PRODUCTIVE than you were when you went in!


You are a very special tree!


What do call a tree that eats bread and produces fruit?


You may have eaten bread and drank water, but your fruit will give life to everyone around you.

Your fruit will be effective and efficient...

GOD has made you to be very, very special! You are one set apart to feed many!

All HE wants you to do is fast and embrace your desert...


Embrace your deserted place!


Walk with HIM, voluntarily into the wilderness.

Sit, rest, eat, drink and learn.

Remember, they were in their wilderness for only 3 days. and they left the “desert” with 12 baskets of food! They left productive, bearing fruit and carrying bread.


You will take with you what you learned in your rest and NOTHING will be wasted.

You May walk in tired and depleted but you will run out with the LIVING WORD AND POWER FROM ON HIGH!


So let’s take the charge!

I pray that you will NEVER starve or dehydrate again.




IN your deserted place.

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