For the sake of the call

Published on 26 January 2021 at 08:12

Mark 4:34


  1. ...And when they were alone, JESUS explained all things to HIS disciples



So this going to be fun...

We are going to start and finish in verse 34.


Over the last 15 years I believe GOD has been speaking. I feel that HE has been pointing me to, and this hurts to even say, preach the gospel...


That DID hurt...


There’s nothing wrong with preaching. As a matter of fact, it is a position of high honor!


But with a great call, there always comes a even GREATER responsibility.


I’m not looking down on who I am. I have integrity, never smoked, never drank, never have done a LOT of things.


But sometimes I wonder.

Does that make me 'more' Christian?

Or does it just make me boring, judgemental and legalistic?


So when GOD rang my phone, I answered the call 😌 with the resonance of a calm, religious voice and I proudly presented my case. In the spirit I picture seeing HIM as a judge, because that is who HE is.


And HE lovingly weighed my resume...


It was on a high bond, fine, cream colored paper and it was tied with an intertwining red and gold bow. I told JESUS who looked at me with nothing but love in HIS eyes, that the red represented HIS blood and the gold, HIS divinity. I then told HIM that I intertwined the strands of the bow to show the connection HE will always hold with those HE died for. I gave HIM the Fonzee point, wink & snap,

I Said “heyyyyy”


After my PowerPoint presentation, yes I did bring my laptop before them, I laid my resume on the table. They didn’t flinch but just stared lovingly at my resume, because as I laid it on the table, small flames ignited and my precious work...


my precious work was nothing but ashes and smoke.


I yelled!


But the ashes began to part in a straight line, right before GOD. The ashes on my left, (HIS right) formed a tiny little arrow that pointed to JESUS.


Who still had nothing but love, in HIS eyes...


They both looked up at me with soft expressions.


“What do you see????”


“I see ashes...”



GOD said, “No. what do you see?”


I said, “well I’m here before you, so I see grace, because if JESUS had not bridged the gap on the cross then I wouldn’t be able to stand here. But because HE did, I see, access. YOU said we have access, through JESUS to the throne of grace...”


“What else”


“Hmmm. I see, my performance. If YOU, FATHER, are the judge and YOU sit here at the table, and YOU sent YOUR son to die, then there is no performance that could help me buy my way in. The only WAY in is JESUS. For HES the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIGHT. (John 14:6) The Bible says NO MAN, comes to the FATHER, to YOU except through JESUS, that’s why JESUS has to be here right now, because if HE isn’t I cant be. I would have been yanked out of the room, because without HIM, without grace, I AM NOT holy enough to even be in YOUR PRESENCE.


“What else”


“I see,


“A mess... I see what men do... they take their works and cover it, by stamping it with the name ‘JESUS’. But, JESUS is saying HES not a part of them calling themselves to ministry. What they have stamped on their resumes really, is the name ‘Hay-Soos’ (pronunciation)


Because if you call yourself you must cover yourself with your OWN blood as protection.


You can’t tie a mess up with a red bow and say JESUS endorsed it..”


“What else?”


“I see rags, Philthy rags... I came in here with a smile and a plan to bribe you guys into giving me the position with my store bought righteousness, but the WORD says next to JESUS, my righteousness is as philthy rags (Isaiah 64:6, Romans 3:19-23)


“What do you see?”


“Lastly, I guess,  I see beauty..”




“Well YOU told us YOU were going to give us BEAUTY for ashes, the oil of JOY for mourning. The garment of PRAISE for the SPIRIT of HEAVINESS...(Isaiah 64:3)


Well if I put this resume down before YOU and it became ashes, then for everything that was burned up in my life, YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT JOY, BEAUTY and PRAISE coming back to me in exchange...”



My question to all of you is, What’s on your resume???


The WORD tells us that, JESUS said, “APART FROM ME, YOU CAN DO NOTHING.”(John 15:5)

So what could be on our resume that would matter. The WORD says, “ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST.” (1 Corinthians 3:15) says, “if our works are burned up, we, the worker, will suffer loss.”


So at the end of the day, be sure that you are doing, everything for the sake of the cross.


I heard a little rhyme growing up

Some were called

Some were sent

Some just got up and went.


A sure fire way in seeing your work go up in flames is assigning yourself a task. Because here is an unfortunate side effect of doing that. If your focus is on YOUR call that you made to yourself, then who is doing the work GOD had set aside for you?


Who is missing out and not hearing the gospel message that you were supposed to bring them.


because You were busy

with your assignment...




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