Growth in the desert...

Published on 27 January 2021 at 18:29

Mark 8:4,5

   4. How can one satisfy these people with bread here in the wilderness?”

   5. HE asked them, “How many loaves do you have?”


This conversation followed the miracle that was of 5 loaves and 2 fish. Mark recorded that miracle chap 6:35-42

And the disciples said in 35, “this is a deserted place.”


I think we have all been there. We are all physically there now.


The desert...


But everytime I think back on my life, when I felt trapped, alone, deserted, cold... when I felt like I was in a barren place that had been robbed of its fruit... when I look to to JESUS, HE never looks back and says ‘hang in there’ like the world will tell you or ‘no cross, no crown’ a cliche the church likes to use.

JESUS knows and HE climbs down in the trenches with you! HE lovingly wants to make HIMSELF a part of the memory of this event for you so that when you look back on it,

On your desert...

You will SEE footprints

But you will only remember HIS hug...

So the multitude really wasn’t a part of this story. Earlier JESUS had actually told the disciples, “come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”



So that was the plan all along. They seemed to look down in this place because it was deserted. But JESUS had already told them in verse 31 what was going on.


Yes, I know that the place that you are in right now is deserted.

It seems trapped



And cold.


But I designed it that way. I need to take away your devices, your TVs, radios, iPhones, iPads... I need to take away city sounds and country bellows... all of the yelling and screaming of people and their political agendas... People focused on the world around them and those not FOCUSED ON ME!


I need you to drop that and pick up your word! There you will find the answers you seek. Stop looking outward for “a word” and go INWARD to “THE WORD”

Living water satisfies and you will never thirst again.

Go read Psalm 1 and BECOME Psalm 1:3


So they had traveled to a deserted place and the ran into crowds who “knew” them and they met them at their deserted place.


So here we have JESUS, all of the disciples, and the multitude.


Wait! I have one more...

This is pretty deep so proceed with caution...


Jesus said to the disciples in vs 31 “let’s go to a deserted place and rest.”

When they got there the multitude was already there waiting for them to arrive. So we have the 13, JESUS AND THE MULTITUDE!



Because this gets me!




Go find you a deserted place right now and meet JESUS!



They are there, this place is called wilderness and it is called deserted... but I want to stick on one thing.






We have a dry and barren place that JESUS and the disciples sought out to find so that they could rest.


But I feel like GOD just brought something to my attention. How will they ever find a barren place while JESUS, the bread of life and the LIVING WATER is with them?


This is why you have those in the midst of the COVID season with bowed heads and lowered eyes because they don’t see JESUS sitting right next to them.

And then you have those, who in this barren season are resting and communing with GOD daily! They have eaten the bread and tasted of this sweet wine that overflows... like those servants at the wedding at Cana they continue to bring GOD what the see as water in their life and HE fills their cellars with WINE TO THE OVERFLOW!




Like at that wedding where the best was served last. “Your BEST IS YET TO COME!”



So, We have the multitude, the disciples and JESUS. But JESUS IS LIVING WATER. A deserted place shows no signs of life, no fruit, no people. But now at this point in time it is not deserted. Because we have JESUS, the multitude and the disciples.


The ground is still barren... no vegetation.


JESUS taught them.

But the disciples perceived that it was late and that they needed food.


JESUS turned to them and said “you give them food”


Now there was no way 12 men could feed 5000 at that time.


The statement that JESUS made seemed odd to me until I looked back at chap 6:7,8 here, JESUS had sent them out... and gave them power over unclean spirits.


So , just a few verses earlier they were given power by JESUS over unclean spirits. So they went and cast out demons and anointed with oil many who were sick and HEALED THEM.


So they just cast out a hoard of demons, in this same chapter and JESUS is looking for some bread and they fall short.


I thought, how many times has GOD done great things for me, but this one small thing I just can’t do.


Have you ever thought that?


That’s your BREAD!

And it’s especially ridiculous because you have HIM! HE is the Bread of LIFE and HES RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!


So now we know the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fish. But this story is especially important to me. First, it seems odd to me that when JESUS told the disciples they were going away to a deserted place you don’t hear anything from them except a reminder of their present circumstance and condition. First HE had already stated that it was deserted, why the reminder?


Sometimes GOD have already healed us from certain things but we still act sick and talk about it so much that we really start to believe we are sick all over again.


In other words, your miracle leans heavily on your faith.


But JESUS said to them, “let’s go and rest...” and I know this is what HE is telling me...




It’s really not that bad because everyone who rests does it for a time. You go to sleep and you wake up. You don’t stay there.


The people themselves received compassion from JESUS because they ran ahead of HIM, knowing HE was going to rest, and, 3 days later, they were sent home.


Some of us are afraid to rest.


Remember just as He was with them in their time of rest here, HE will be with you!


The place where HE is sending you might seem deserted, but in the end...

In verse 39 JESUS commands the disciples to tell them to sit on the green grass!


How is that to be?


This place was deserted when they got there but they were traveling with JESUS who is LIVING WATER. And wherever HES invited, things just start to grow!


So GOD is calling you to a deserted place for a time.

Take nothing with you for HE will have meat and bread for you and HE will pray over all that you have. And multiply it. HE will give you lush grass to Rest on for comfort in your wilderness. And HE will teach you HIS word, for HE IS the WORD!



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