Plot twists

Published on 3 February 2021 at 07:29

The Bible is my favorite book because it has the biggest plot twist?



A Man gives up everything to come down and save HIS people.

They stalk HIM, Betray HIM and Murder HIM..


You don’t usually find adults going to the movies, popcorn in hand, anxious to see “Tom & Jerry” spin-offs. We don’t like trouble occurring IN our lives, but a tv show without trouble or a plot, is just not interesting.


As a matter of fact, give me a plot that twists over time and it will put stress on me. I’ve actually watched movies that gave me ‘chest pains’


Was it worth it?


If it served no purpose but to open my eyes then, maybe...


But that’s not the point, today.

When I think of plots I find myself wrapped state of irony. Here we are discussing men and women of the Bible, and the thicker irony always creates a thicker plot...


Ok so if I asked you to pick 3...

Who would you choose?



It’s ironic that Esther is even in the Bible.


The book of Esther is the only book of the Bible where the name, “GOD” is not mentioned once. His people have been ostracized and banished to different areas and different lands because of sin.


I tend to think that they weren’t being disrespectful by not mentioning GODS name, but they probably did not know HIS name. HIS parents did not respect GOD, so some of probably didn’t know who HE was.


Side note:

Please don’t think, for one second that GOD doesn’t use our enemies as catalysts to turn us over, till our ground, and increase the speed of our growth.


They were told to live like they would breathe their last breath there, because GOD was going to redeem HIS people...


But everyone would not see redemption.


Esther was born into this captivity.

She was Jewish.

One of GODS ‘chosen’ people...


She was raised by her cousin, because her parents had died.


She was also ‘chosen’ as finalist and ‘chosen’ as winner and ‘chosen’ to be queen...

IN captivity...


This young woman born in captivity, raised by a man and chosen, chosen, chosen, chosen to be queen of this nation foreign to her people...

chosen’ IN captivity...

chosen’ with dead parents?



To be a success story in GODS name... Without saying GODS name once, it’s proof of GODS love...


Romans 5:8

But, GOD commendeth HIS love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners CHRIST died for us!



For me, JESUS IS the biggest plot twist in CREATION!


The only PERSON to walk on the earth, born, but not created by earthly materials by human hands...


THAT would imply that HE IS THE CREATOR...


Born, amongst HIS CHOSEN people... HE would come into this world, unloved, unwelcome and uninvited....




And HE slipped in

Under duress

encountered a death threat

The apple of GODS eye

Gifted by the magi

Left behind at the temple

HIS parents could attest

That HE was unusual at birth

Teaching at 13


A lone reed in the wilderness

Now I can attest

That as HE stepped up to shore

As the GODHEAD gathered to watch



That was the start of HIS ministry. HES Living WATER and the BREAD of LIFE!

Are you depressed? Reach out for the Master..


HE may not take away your storm. But HE gives Peace that surpasses, Joy that produces, faith that moves, and love that overflows...


Ok so HES my favorite...

Created for Crucifixion on the Cross...

HE lived everyday like it was HIS last


Born to Die...



But there’s one more...


This woman,


Family ran from the father

4 ladies barely making below the poverty standard

Foster families and missed connections

She longed for love...


Yes, I am that woman. And no that’s not close to the whole story. But the plot twist is now..


The Bible is epistle of all epistles... The book stops with John the Revelator telling us what Heaven is like...


But since we haven’t yet seen the events that John spoke about, have we seen the end?



And you are a living epistle with your name in the Book of Life!


That means the story is still being written!

And we get new mercies for the plot!(Lamentations 3:22)


So this is a new season for you...

You’ve got 24 hours,

Or you’ve got 720 minutes

Or you’ve got 1440 secs


How are you going to use what you have to advance your plot twist today?

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