Killing Uzziah

Published on 4 February 2021 at 16:42


I think this is my topic for 2021.


“killing Uzziah”

Isaiah said, “in the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and lifted up and HIS train filled the temple...”


Jesus did say, “if I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto ME”

So if Jesus is lifted up from the earth and I see HIM then my head at the very least must be lifted up too. This only means that I may have the same worries, cares or problems, but they wont matter because I my mind is higher. You can be lifted above where you are when you do life with Jesus.


Always remember though, New level, new ______


Uzziah was the king but he was also Isaiahs cousin. They always say blood is thicker than water so I can only imagine how close they were. Isaiah and Uzziah, cousins, prophet and king... But it wasn’t until King Uzziah diedthat Isaiah SAW the Lord. Those two must’ve been close, bc how can a king keep a prophet of God and a king is keeping me from seeing HIM? And God isn’t small, so that was some serious blocking Uzziah was doing.


(And yet, as close as they were, he still called him “King” Uzziah.)


In this scripture, however, Uzziah is just a representation of those things that keep us from seeing God. This king is no match though for the King of Kings... and Isaiah saw Uzziah on the outside but this scripture says the Lords train filled the temple.


Which temple? Was Isaiah having a vision of a temple that housed Gods throne room and his train or, maybe...


the temple is not a literal room. In a lot of New Testament scripture our temple is known as our body, because we are the “body” of Christ... And Gods train is known as HIS presence as we see with Moses when he wanted to peek at Gods face. God said no, but HE would cover him and let him see his “glory” as He walked by.

Was this the temple that Isaiah was talking about? It could work since Isaiah could not physically see God. So this total scripture might be a description of what Isaiah felt was going on inside of him...

And Gods train (HIS presence) filled the temple (Isaiahs spirit)...

So could Isaiah have been saying, that it took my cousin dying for me to be truly filled with GODS presence...

With GODS spirit...

I can’t see God the way HE WANTS ME TO SEE HIM until ALL distractions are lay themselves down in my life!

My all must become subject to YOU!

our enemies best strategy is to wear DOWN the saints of the Most HIGH GOD!

How do we escape distractions? We leave all of it, the bills, the boss, the kids, we get down on our knees and we SEEK GOD!


Need to de-stress? Just leave all of your worries, the aints AND the saints behind..

Then go DOWN so that the Saviour can pick you up.

This is an element of GODS economy. GODS economy works in a counterintuitive order.

Almost ironic...

In order to go HIGH, we have to go low...

The world is out there getting HIGH!

Let’s show them we GO HIGH too and we HAVE THE BEST HIGH! Because OUR HIGH HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS!

You can go HIGH!




Its in this way that we KILL Uzziah... Who knows how many prophetic opportunities Isaiah missed reaching out to GODS people while HE was staring in his cousins face.


Named the “eagle-eyed prophet”



The name Eagle-eyed prophet might be counterintuitive too because, the definition of Eagle-eyed is “quick to notice things...”



So, it was really awesome studying with you guys today.


But I gotta ask, how long was GOD there before Isaiah saw HIM? You guys know that Isaiah didn’t notice GOD until after his cousin died...


So, Eagle-eyed?

Maybe, after Isaiah joined my club and he ‘killed’Uzziah.


Eagle eye...

His focus was off. He was THE prophet in that space, in that area. God always accomplishes HIS Will, but who knows?

How long was Isaiah, the “Eagle-eyed” prophet UNable to see?

Because of distractions...




These are usual distractions but how many times has the enemy used these things to mentally wear us down only to send the same people after us next month.

And we are left DIStracted. UNable to see.


And we can’t get lifted because we forget how to humble ourselves and find our knees. I do... I had gotten so full of myself, but now?

I kill Uzziah!

Uzziah is that thing that tells me I’m in too much pain to hit the floor, or that I did this when I was a kid, not now, or I can pray from here in my comfy bed or any other excuse...


And that presents us with something else to ponder. Uzziah committed infraction and his sentence was death.

Uzziah died because HE sinned against God!


Get where I am going?


Isaiah said, “In the year that King Uzziah died, well,did Uzziah die Isaiah or DID YOU KILL HIM?”

I’m saying kill like Elijah killed Jezebels 400 prophets dedicated to baal?

It matters Isaiah...

You what it shows?

Motive Isaiah...

And timing...

Because Uzziah could’ve met his sentence from GOD one year and then 10 years later you realize that your eyes have been closed to GODS will.

You finally kill Uzziah.

Anyway within the next year would fulfill this passage.


In the year that your cousin died did you find your eyes?


But I must admit Isaiah, there are times when I think, “I’m just too tired...”

But I must admit that there is something about hitting the floor. God knows that if I get all of this woman up and put her upright, feet on the floor, then if I am praying for anyone, I mean business. I’m baptizing myself in humility so I can come up STRONGER IN HIM! Baptism=is NOT about water but about a submersion into something new.

correction: submerging myself into something new.

There’s one reason that I add that correction. Baptism in church can look like it is unintentional. But baptism is very intentional. As a matter of fact you are not in the water waiting for someone to grab you, take you, pray for you, put you under water, pull you up, hand you a towel, a move you toward the bank.

Then someone comes to you, with John the Baptists biography...

And does research into what you should receive from GOD when you are baptized.


Do you know who will be rewarded for all of your hard work?

Probably not you...



Do you want to hear a little saying GOD has been saying to me?


Jamie, you have to participate in your own deliverance...

This means, that I may not know what Christian decorum is, or what I shouldn’t wear to a Wednesday night Bible study, but even if you are brand new in church, if you have seen anything done.

Ask if it’s ok...

The worst that you will hear is no...


Be Safe guys!

I'm Going down to get lifted up!


Let’s kill Uzziah!

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