Don’t engage...

Published on 6 February 2021 at 09:31

In JESUS' ministry into HIS last days here went around the world just doing miracles. HIS focus seemed to be locked on touching people that were sick, opening blind eyes, healing deaf ears...


Never do you hear about JESUS engaging in gossip or whining.


Those things took place, he just did not ‘engage.’


An engagement is generally where 2 parties will come together in agreement over a topic or issue.

Unlike today, an agreement was binding...

An ‘engagement’ is serious in that you were not just making an agreement to spend the next day with that person, but you were taking them on until, DEATH DID YOU PART!


Hooked, for life...


Often, an ‘engaged’ couple will have dated and spent time together. They will have shared stories.

They are in love and they are ready to share their new found love with the world.


And so, they get engaged.


He proposes to her...

He pops a ring on her finger.


If she says yes, it is my contention that the marriage of their wills begins that day.



I pray LORD,

What am I ‘engaged’ in?

Or ‘engaged’ to?


If YOU are the head, and we are the body, I realize that what I ‘engage’, I bring YOU into.

Am I ‘engaging’ in things that cause a disconnect between me and the body?


Have I been fooled into accepting another mans hand?

A marraige simply means that 2 entities come together and become one entity. If you are a part of the body, you are already married to or engrafted together.

The dictionary says that engrafting is simply taking two different plants and causing them to grow together.


Are you a part of the body?

Then what you do and what you don’t do has a serious effect on others.


Are we ‘engaging’ in peace or in that which causes a rift, a disturbance, or a disruption from the body.


He came in soft, but he walked on me hard...

Soft in our fun time. We went on dates, hung out, went to carnivals...

I let go and allowed myself to just feel what it really felt like to be in love.

I fell...


Once I fell, I couldn’t get up because not only had I disturbed the peace of the body, I find that I now need the body to get up again...


He promised not to hit me again like that.

He promised...

He proposed.

I accepted.


And that is when the blinds fell from my eyes. Imagine ‘scales’ hitting the floor...


Oh, Amazing Grace, sweet Grace, please come rescue me.


With the scales gone, I could now see what actually surrounds me.




Dry desert land far from anything I have ever known.



No grass, no vegetation, no water...


And I was so thirsty...

Thirsty for the Living Water that flowed freely from the SOURCE.


Oh how I long to be back in the body. Then my attention was drawn to my hand. I now notice that this  tingling sensation I had last night had only gotten worse.


He offered me a baby Tylenol and some warm milk...


I accepted...


A few simple points...

  • Don’t accept anything from a hand. It will definitely disrupt and disturb your life
  • An engagement is an agreement to engage. Once you have ‘engaged’ the marriage begins...
  • Know them that labor among you (1 Thessalonians 5:12). Make connections withIN the body of believers.
  • If you wake up from a night out and your ring finger is tingling, chances are that you are infected. Your finger is now tingling and green because you have engaged and bonded with someone who gave you foolsgold. You’ve been separated from the SOURCE of all love and you were paid for your new engagement with a ring made of ‘tin’
  • A ring isn’t just something pretty on your hand. It’s the next step in your commitment to move forward with that person.
  • It doesn’t matter that the enemy promised... the enemy that you let slap you today, will certainly punch you tomorrow.
  • Lust blinds, LOVE clarifies... this is very important. Are you in love?

It’s really easy to find out. First, take a sheet of paper. Begin by labeling the paper ‘areas of strength.’ Turn to the back and write ‘areas of opportunity for growth.’

Now begin to ask yourself, and pray, LORD I received a proposal to begin dating this person.



Please help me with the scales on my eyes that skew... I want to know what YOU think my ‘areas of opportunity for growth’

There may be a proposal to go to another level after this, so first is this the beginning of the union that YOU have planned for me?

And LORD whether it is or not really doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is YOU!


What do YOU want me to participate with you on? How can my hands serve YOU?


Remember that a ‘ring’ circles and has no end. When that man puts a ‘ring’ on your finger they slip it on gently but there is a permanent effect.

That little piece of jewelry tells anyone watching that you belong to that man. The ‘ring’ is sized like Cinderella’s slipper. I travelled the world to find you and I know that you fit me. No one else fit me like you do. There is no one else in the world that is MY size.


I’ve seen a lot in my life...

This includes the separation of my mother and father. He married my mother and I always felt that I was the reason their union didn’t last.


I found out though, that he had multiple women.


I won’t say wives because he cheated on all of them, would not stop sleeping around and brought my mother back diseases.


She had prayed and been in counseling with our pastor at the time, but, if you are going to go to your pastor and ask him what you should do,


Wait for his response and trust it as confirmation that GOD loves you and HE wants to help.


Please stop wasting our shepherds time seeking “a word” when GOD has already supplied ALL of your needs according to HIS RICHES IN GLORY!



Spirit breathed and life giving...


Why do we run at our pastors with our time cards in hand?


But we expect our shepherds to pay...


Seek HIM who longs to save your soul and renew your everlasting bond with HIM. (Matthew 6:33)




HE IS RICH and expecting payment from anyone outside of GOD is idolatry, it’s unscrupulous and if you aren’t careful, you might actually end up blind...

In a place that is void of hope with a ‘fools gold’ on your hand

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