Certainly Blessed

Published on 7 February 2021 at 09:02

Mark 4:27-29


I’m back LORD...


I think I’m IN the middle...


But I feel like you brought me back...

And this story runs from verse 25, where this woman has come to herself in one state and the story stops in verse 34, where this woman looks completely different. So I thought, before I can PROPERLY ask the MASTER for help with my situation, shouldn’t I take the time to assess what I am actually dealing with?


Where do I fit in here?

Am I at the beginning?

The narrator comes in and calls this woman, A “certain” woman...

She could’ve been called “cardboard box.” When the Bible says certain, that is good meat for us because certainsays that I can certainly put myself into this story and if I play my “spiritual” cards right, I should come out with an outcome like hers...




  1. Now a certain woman... had a flow of blood for 12 years.



But then when I look at the end, I have to ask...

Is this even the same story...

This certain, average, ordinary woman who was not ordinary at all, was healed, whole and had a new name!



So, something obviously changed... my question is “what changed?”

Or, who was it that brought about a change in her life?


I’ve heard people say that there is nothing harder to break than a made up mind...

So I wonder how do I ascertain the level that this woman rose to?


I believe that the answer to this question is found ‘in the transition.’


Verse 26 said the woman had spent everything that she had and was broke. Is that her transition?

Verse 27 said that she heard about JESUS and she touched HIS garment. Is that her transition?

Verse 28 said, she spoke in faith... is that the transition?

Verse 29 said said her fountain dried up, she was healed of her affliction...


This sounds very transition like but there are things that can only be discerned... it would appear on the outside that this point was pivotal in this woman’s story. She was broke and sick, travelled while bleeding and sick, got to JESUS...


But is this our transition?


Is this a place where we can sit in the word of GOD and just be filled?


I don’t think so for one simple fact...



Yes it says that she heard about JESUS. And there are many who “HEAR” OF HIM, now, but are those same ones set free and changed?


Paul said “you were running well...

Who hindered you?” (Galatians 5:7)


“I come to JESUS 5 minutes ago, but its Super Bowl Sunday...”


“JESUS will you be done talking at about 12:30 because I have to...”


My second reason for saying the transition doesn’t lie in these scriptures, “I can’t find the BLOOD!”


When the death Angel passed through Israelite camp, their mark for deliverance was the blood... and in this part of her story I see healing,

but no blood...


It shows what we know to be true. We should continue to go to the doctor because GOD gave them the expertise to help us.


The have the ability to medicate and heal...


But only JESUS can make us whole.


So verse 29 is close and it become the vehicle that brings us to verse 30. At the bottom of the scripture, JESUS said, “WHO TOUCHED MY CLOTHES!”


That’s It! That’s what we were missing.

Up until this point it’s been about her, how SHE was sick, how SHE had money, how SHE went broke, incline, decline, but SHE heard of JESUS, and SHE went and found HIM, because SHE wanted to touch HIM...


And that’s why all of that is in normal writing color because it was normal woman activities...

a certain woman

did a certain thing

on a certain day....


She did bold things anyway. Every time she went to the doctor she knew that she was walking the 8th mile... If a priest passed her she could’ve been killed, nameless AND dead.


And coming into town the Bible never says that she identified herself. She was supposed to shout, “UNCLEAN.”


But she knew that if she did she wouldn’t get close enough to JESUS to take her healing... and she didn’t ask, she TOOK!


This is a strong woman!


But the transition never comes into your story until you step outside of you!


GOD will never work HIMSELF out through your natural. A miracle without GODS SUPER on your natural, is just an ordinary day...


Just a certain day...


And yes, some believe that she had great faith.

And she did...

But faith isn’t the ONLY answer. This woman heard about JESUS, but her faith was still IN her ‘strength.’ SHE got up and said to HERself.. if only I may TOUCH his clothes, I shall be made well.


2, I’s

1, HIS

1, misunderstanding


Her great faith got her healing.

But GOD was calling this woman to even GREATER.


Some of you hear GOD calling you to greater...


And we cry back, “Greater is HE THATS IN ME!”


I had to stop shouting and ask myself, “IS HE IN ME?”


HE in Me...


2, I’s

1, HIS

1, misunderstanding


Is HE in me?



“Then why am I not seeing GREATER”


Then woman was broken, sick...

She left doctors, friends, medicine vials, comforts of a bed,



But this certain woman PUSHED through!


This certain woman didn’t even have a voice!

The only KNOWN time that this unNAMED woman spoke was in her thoughts...


So, I spend all my money,


travelled sick,


no real friends,

not allowed to be amongst my people,

this flow,

Why won’t you go?




I’m unNamed

AND you all judge me

but none of you know how to help me!!!!

Probably aggravated




And my name isn’t important enough to be in print. But at the end of the day all of you have come up, read about and judged, this “certain” woman’s story...


Oh, but this woman!

This ‘certain’ woman...

If that is not your name, that is ok...

Because a legacy overrides a story anyday.

And you ARE a legacy!

The woman with the issue of blood...

That is the meat of your story...

Because every woman,

who’s any woman,

can relate to this ‘certain’ woman, at about the age of puberty

So being that certain woman is ok, dear woman

Because which would you rather be?

Julie, Jamie, Linda, Janice or Jane

Or should we call you Mark 5:25-34,


The woman who walked IN with an ‘issue of blood’

And walked out of this life...

A Legacy!



How about we just call you what JESUS called you...



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