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Mark 3:1


And HE entered the synagogue again, and a man was there with a withered hand.


I love this scripture. Sometimes I read and I ask GOD what it means. The HOLY SPIRIT will come in and HE reminds me that scripture IS indeed the WORD of GOD.

It was given to men, but inspired by GOD.

Now, I sit here with an already revealed WORD, still blessed and endorsed by the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT. It’s is ok to play around with the punctuation.


Play around with the punctuation..


Simply put... These men heard GOD as we hear HIM speak. GOD inspired them and they wrote what they heard...


But what if there were times that a comma was missing, or a period was dropped.


That is why I make it a point to spend a little bit of time with GOD everyday. In that time I worship and my spirit sings to HIM.

HES so worthy.

Right now as I write this my spirit is singing, “Hallelujah”. I need to get on one page with the FATHER... to come into agreement with HIM, and examine...


If Galatians 2:20 says, “My identity is found IN CHRIST.” And John 1:1 says, we know, that “JESUS IS THE WORD...”, then there should be nothing IN the WORD that alludes to  the enemy, who IS ALREADY defeated having a hold on me.


Because GREATER HE THAT IS IN ME THAN he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)


Now, there is also another scripture that I love, but I believe maybe the apprentice put the punctuation in the wrong place.


See the BIBLE says that we are IN the world, but not of the world... (John 17:16-26)


So you can be IN something, IN a group of friends, IN the office drinking coffee... but once something happens that you are not comfortable with, in most instances you can get up and leave.


Well, we are IN this world...


Just like the enemy is IN this world. And, just like we can come and go as we please,

he can too,

The enemy cometh Not, but for to steal, kill and destroy. But JESUS said, “I am come that you might have life...” (John 10:9,10)


Now there is a lot to consider.

We know that the enemy travels... but when he taps at your door, don’t answer. he only comes to do three things...


But he has to be welcomed IN to do them.


But my main scripture example that shows a discretion with my spirit man, and the WORD...

My spirit knows his identity is found in CHRIST. There’s a scripture that says, “when the enemy comes IN like a flood, the spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.”


Now, I know that my GOD IS GREATER!


If the earth is the LORDS and the fullness thereof... (Psalm 24:1-3) then how can the enemy ever hope to imitate anything that my GOD created to the level in which HE HAS CREATED IT!



But that is the way it reads with the comma in its place...


But, the HOLY SPIRIT, who is GOD, is giving us poetic license... we know that the enemy doesn’t WIN! he loses! EVERYDAY AND TWICE ON SUNDAY!


(he really doesn’t want this to be read by anyone, because he is attacking me as I write)


As a matter of fact, everything that HE does GOD TURNS IT SO THAT HE, GOD will get the glory out of your life and you will be made stronger. (Romans 8:28)


Just whisper to your soul, right now,“HES working it out for my good...”


I know that there are those out there IN the world...

IN a storm,

And you feel faint.,

You feel weary...

JESUS is saying right now,

“Please, come to ME, all ye that labour and I will give you rest..


HE said, “come,”

“Watch the snow fall with me

Close your eyes,

like you did when you were a kid

close your eyes

I’m right there

IN that tiny space

Between your heart and your soul,

Find ME,

Follow ME...


I want to give you bread to eat

And LIVING WATER to drink


I hear you say, “live?

these days we survive...

But that’s not the life that I died for you to have.”


Why survive

when you can thrive?


I didnt make the universe

I CREATED it for you!

I created you...


The difference?

When I created the universe I had plans, a timetable, a desk, a lamp and a chair.


I studied intently,

Learned intentionally

And performed!


When someone is asked about their goals in life

Rarely do you hear

“I want to stand on an assembly line and..”


Because I made you to be like me...

Spirit to spirit...

You long to create IN love

and be loved by your creation!

To create and to be free

To laugh at everything that comes to hold you back

Whisper, “NO! No devil! you will NOT stop me!”

So the difference between make and create,

Well I don’t know if I can explain it any further

Tell you what...

This should help.

I love You and I’m not a maker,


McDonalds makes Big Macs

1 like the other.

But you are MY SNOWFLAKE!

A designers original

My shining star




So you know, that is why they call them #2, #5...

Because they want you to be able to go to any McDonalds and get the same service, same meal same taste...

It’s “basic training” for your mouth. They are training your tongue to long for a certain thing when you get hungry. I believe it’s “Pavlovs theory.” I will ring the lunch bell and when I say, “hunger” your mind is being trained to shut off and your salivating tongue screams #2, #2,


I worked at Johnny Rockets in the mall and boss used to always tell me, “once you put that apron on, you are HERE. Leave your problems at the door!”


I’m thinking, yes I have these issues. But my identity is IN CHRIST!

And Johnny Rockets had me in that uniform and they said ok, but for these hours, that hat on my head (to set my mindset) and that bow tie around my neck (controls my words) when my boss put a nickel in his command jukebox, and caused HIS song of HIS choosing to play, then I knew if I had any issues, they had to be put on the back burner...


And like a marionette.

I danced...

With the other servers...


It’s hurts to look back

But unless we look BACK

And analyze

We will never learn from it

And move FORWARD!



So now you know that you are NOT a cheeseburger!

You are one of a kind!


Your identity is ALWAYS found IN CHRIST!


What did we learn from this last example?


I learned what identity really means. We are all created with gifts to bring a unique and GODLY positive perspective to the world. Take that journey with JESUS leading you and you will come out with a design, a purpose, and a plan for your life.


You will be whole and lacking nothing that you need.


And the man with the withered hand...

Forgot him?


I set this devotion up that way...

But what’s funny is, the word says that “HE entered the synagogue again, and a man was there...”


What if we moved the comma back one word...

“HE entered the synagogue, again and a man...”


In other words, who was there again?

Was it the man?

Or was it JESUS?


You decide.


My theory is that it was the man. If you repeat an action over and over it is because you believe that something will change.


And he would have been right. Because I believe this would be the day of divine intervention.


But first...

His identity.


We’ve all heard this story. But I have never heard anybody say “this is the man that had his hand healed by JESUS in the synagogue”


Or they could’ve called him “Joe”


And we know he has a name. Why did the Bible not call him by name?

Could it be that he identified himself with his ailment?

And because he did, that is how we identify him.


I believe he did identify with his ailment, because JESUS, later in the text had to tell him to stretch forth his hand...


When we are wounded, we coddle our injuries like they are babies. We curl inward, around it to protect it from future pain.


Also I don’t usually want people to see my pain because they may see me as frail.


It may affect their opinion of me or cause them to “identify frailty with me”


Just like we teach people how to treat us, we teach them “what to call us as well.”



You want your identity to BE IN CHRIST. But to get there you must find out where you are now...


Find a friend, who’s honest...

Tell them close their eyes and picture you in their head.


Ask them what is the the first word or emotion that comes to mind.

Here’s the trick...

Only 1 word or 1 emotion


That is how they identify you..,



This man asked someone and they said... “Withered”


So that became his identifier..


What one word separates this Bible story from every other?




Google “withered” and see what comes up. Though many have had illnesses that caused their hands to wither, he is the only man who took on the ailment as his his identity.


Google has even eulogized him and labeled him “withered hand”


How will people describe you at your eulogy?


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