Come and dine...

Published on 18 February 2021 at 17:59

Mark 14:17


17:...”Assuredly, I say to you, one of you who eats with me will betray Me.”


I think the disciples are an interesting bunch. I have heard that GOD picked them to show us they struggled with the same character flaws we struggle with today.

I can relate to Peter the most, because he was headstrong and inconsistent.


And we’ve all been there, right?


We make mistakes and GOD, who knows our hearts forgives us. He’s just waiting for us to repent.


Thank GOD for forgiveness. HE forgives us when we commit acts of sin and we omit acts of righteousness, which the Bible calls sin.


But amongst friends?


If you commit an act against me, as my friend, I want so badly to forgive you.


But depending on how close we are...


If I call you a friend and I look at you from a familial standpoint, it will take me a longer time to forgive you. This is true, because, you made it past my boundaries and my guards and you made it to my heart.


You made it!

Congratulations, you are in my heart!


And that relates us on a Psalm 23 level...


God prepares a table before us, in our enemies presence...


What that means is, I get to eat in the enemy’s presence. I get to partake and the enemy gets to watch me eat and become full.


he watches us become satisfied.


But he’s starving...


I’m grateful to GOD through this though.


When we examine the scripture closely we notice that JESUS’ enemy, who sat at that very table, posed as HIS friend ate bread with HIM.


but his enemies meal was incomplete...


JESUS is the bread of life, yes...

And as a zealot, Judas had a lot of bread in his life. But Judas had tasted JESUS’ bread already. He, like the other leaders in the Pharisee community had a knowledge of what the scriptures said.


And after JESUS ate bread with HIS disciples, they were getting into the posture of accepting the cup.


So Judas dipped in...

He dipped his bread in....

Judas got a drip.

He got a splash...


JESUS turned to him and told him to do what he was going to do quickly.


Judas left to go set up to betray his Master...


And JESUS passed around the cup.


This is extremely important, because, Judas could not stay and partake in the cup.


Anyone can eat and devour as much bread as they like. There are those that are considered Bible scholars, but all of their knowledge will not help them get into the Kingdom. This is why JESUS told HIS disciples to “beware the leaven of the Pharisees...” (Matthew 16:6)


Leaven helps to make bread rise but leaven on its own is poisonous...


So what JESUS is saying that knowing the WORD is wonderful, but anything used outside of its purpose becomes an enemy to you.


Knowing tons of scripture and leaving the Holy Spirit out of your study: leaven


and what this leaven does is fill you with pride, because of your knowledge, but since the ability to interpret and rightly divide (2 Timothy 2:15) comes from the Holy Spirit. You regurgitate the WORD you INjested, and before you could DIgest it, you regurgitate it.


Because not everyone can handle the blood.

If he had stayed he would’ve stepped into full communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Could you betray someone that you say that you love?




But after stepping into full communion with them it might have been completely impossible.


Either way Judas had already been identified spiritually as the ‘son of perdition.’

So he could not partake in JESUS blood. How can the son of Satan drink the blood of Christ. We drink the representation of JESUS blood because we are playing on the side of holiness.


But Judas was not allowed this wine.


When Zebedee brothers mother asked about their place in the kingdom (Matthew 20:21) he did not ask if they could eat what HE ate. HE asks if they could drink from HIS cup.


This is because bread denotes knowledge, but wine, the blood denotes relationship!


Also since the wine represented the blood JESUS shed, it is a picture of us drinking from the fountain of HIS blood that saves us.


If Judas had come into communion, he could’ve received forgiveness for his act of betrayal. This would have shown to readers of this day that you can betray the body and blood of JESUS and still receive salvation.



But I think the most important lesson of all is that JESUS ate with the man who betrayed HIM. JESUS allowed HIS betrayer to get close enough to HIM to share HIS bread, to share the bread of life, with the bread of life.




And although JESUS had let Judas get close, Judas destiny didn’t affect JESUS ability to fulfill HIS DESTINY!


I think about the thorn in the lions paw... it’s a great story...



I have one question for you...


In that story,

Of the lion and the thorn which part do you play?


The lion or the thorn?


If you play the thorn, could you let the lion get close enough for you to plant yourself in his paw without running away from him in fear?


Or are you the lion? Are you willing to let the thorn in your presence, knowing that as a thorn it has but one destiny...


To make you lame...


If you were the lion could you?

Could you if you were the “LION OF JUDAH?”


You decide...

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