Living Water

Published on 19 February 2021 at 08:23

Mark 14:13-15


13. And HE sent 2 out of HIS 12 disciples and said to them. “Go into the city, and a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him.



This one is tough...


All throughout the Bible, there are types and shadows. Generally types of events and shadows of people. But the point is that they all point back or forward to JESUS Christ.


I said that this scripture is tough because when I am trying to understand a scripture I read it, then I read what’s around it, all after praying about the study itself.

This is truly a beautiful scripture though. In verse 14, there are 2 disciples that go to scout the land, (within Jerusalem, which was known, in Moses time, as the Promised Land).


Now, if we look back at (Joshua 2), we will see that the amount of scouts that go searching here in this scripture, is the number of scouts that came back with a positive report, from the scripture in Joshua.




Maybe JESUS knew that although they were in the Promised City, Judas, leaving and betraying HIM, was proof that they were not dwelling IN the Promised Land.


In the Old Testament, all 12 of the spies were sent to look at the city (probably representing the 12 disciples) but only 2 could SEE the Promised Land. Maybe that’s all that’s needed to SEE the Promises of GOD come forth.


One to say, “yes”

And another to confirm “amen”

(2 Corinthians 13:1)


This also tells me that you can’t take everyone into your “Promised Land."
You may have 12 really good friends, but 12 may not be willing to do the will of GOD with you.

There are those that just don’t like you. They sit and are distracted from their work, because they are busy watching you work...




They get angry when they see you succeed. But they are not willing to put in an ounce of effort. They may even have more talent than most, but, in GODS eyes, it is not about what you have. It is about what you do with what the spirit DEEDS you!

Have you checked your DEED?

“In others words, let the player haters hate... you just love them and play YOUR game.”


I imagine that Tiger Woods would agree with me. When he stands up to swing, he may consider his opponents position for a moment, but His FOCUS IS ON His PRIZE.

Paul told us about the prize when he compared the Christian walk to a race. He said, "I count not myself to have apprehended, but this ONE thing I do! I PRESS TOWARD THE MARK FOR THE PRIZE!" (Phillipians 3:14)


“Then they would meet a man carrying a pitcher...

Follow him...”


Whenever I see a term like “follow” I look deep...



What was he wearing?

Did he speak?

What did he say?

Why did the Master say to “follow” him?


Any answers?




Except that 'he was carrying...'


So, what was he carrying?

how was he carrying?


There are 3 possibilities...

  1. Was he carrying a gun? (In secret)
  2. Was he carrying inward? (As in a pregnancy)
  3. Or was he carrying in his hands?


I would say number 2 but symbolically 3 as well. Symbolically this man is a picture of the Master. This Master sat on Jacobs well and told the disciples to go get food while HE took a rest. As HE rested a woman walked up to HIM. She was a Samaritan, (but also coined as the first woman evangelist of the WORD), and HE asked her for water. JESUS told her, if you knew who I was you would ask ME for “LIVING WATER.”


Please don’t read what I am about to type too fast...

This man was symbolic of CHRIST, a shadow of CHRIST, because this man is not equal to CHRIST. As your shadow is not equal to you in that it cannot do what you do.

This man carried water, physically, but as trees, (the scouts were looking for a place to plant themselves) as trees, the scouts followed this “LIVING WATER” to plant themselves where he led them. (Psalm 1:3)

And where he led them, the "UPPER ROOM"... was a type of the Upper Room in (Acts 2). This room would be where they would meet the HOLY SPIRIT, prepared and made ready for them...



Heaven, also, “the UPPER ROOM” is also being prepared, furnished and made ready for us...


Symbolically these 3 scriptures (usually read through quickly and ignored) sum up the entire New Testament from Matthew to Revelation and even pull shadows and types from the Old Testament that JESUS fulfilled.


Love you guys...


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