Published on 23 February 2021 at 08:37


Lamentations 3:23 tells us that we get new mercies every day.

New mercies daily means we use up our mercies for the day, on distribution day, always.

So that means I receive mercies, but the next day, I am always empty.


So the next day, like manna in the wilderness, I have to fill up. I end my day on E and I need to be filled again...

I need a REfill...

And a “Re”

And a “re”


I can never store up enough.


But with grace...

That is a one time filler. Mercy like manna is extended person by person. But grace was extended AT THE CROSS.


God is saying, “As the cross was once and for all, so is grace.”


And there are no qualifiers, because if I had to take a test for grace I would fail.

This is simply because grace isn’t about what GOD is but, who HE is!


JESUS is grace!


I wrote a poem a few years ago. I spoke about “the unending overflow of the ebb and flow of GODS grace.”


“Sweet grace never dies.......”

If I had to change any part of it I would change my perspective.


Because JESUS is the same yesterday today and forever(), HE remains constant. But in looking at my circumstances, I took note of my sin, and equated the grace of GOD to my lack.


It left me broke and bankrupt in my soul.

I began viewing my circumstances from a place of pity, instead of passion. As a result, I assigned JESUS, who controls EVERY sea, the personality and mannerism of a 9 inch wave.


This is how the enemy cripples the body of CHRIST, over and over.


Because we look at a really big God and we look at HIM through our tiny circumstances.


If you try to look at anything of a grand size through a lens that’s too small, your image will be distorted and your perspective will be affected.


But if I drop my lens and grab GODS lens as a means to view my own life....


I will see now, how the life of someone called according to GODS purpose looks...

Like victory!


And I will see how GOD views my life!

As a speck.

A speck...

No one my size would take off running from a piece of lint...


A change in your perspective will enable you to let GOD be GOD.

Then you will not have to worry about investing time in assigning a supernatural, superhuman GOD, naturally humanly characteristics.


Trust me, trust HIM HES not scared...


So this week I learned that the only thing stopping GOD from having HIS way in my life is me.

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