Rest on the Rock!

Published on 9 March 2021 at 17:19

Were you there?


You were there...

At Gethsemane you were there. When HE looked into the cup, sweating blood...

Blood mixed with sweat as HE prayed.


Laying on a rock




Resting heaves of tears in A rock!

Christ the Solid ROCK laying HIS weight on this simple rock.

The GLORY of the KING OF KINGS, laying on a ROCK!


(I’m surprised that the ROCK didn’t completely bust open or turn to ooze)


As HE thought about passing that cup...

HE looked into that cup.

HE denied what HE wanted and looked forward to the destiny set before HIM! HE pressed toward the mark for a higher prize (Philippians 3:14) and with that first “Nevertheless”,

HE was saying, “father, my blood WILL COVER! And not one will be left out!


Not one left!


WE planned for all of these, minus one..


I have kept them all.”


Are you in “these?”


Or are you the “minus one”



You WERE there...


You ARE there...

Christ went to Calvary with the weight of the world, literally, on HIS shoulders.

Through that cross and it’s horizontal bar, HE carried the government on HIS shoulders and HE carries it today. GOD is saying pray! And let the government be “what they be! I AM IN CONTROL!”


I said the government, rests on MY shoulders...

horizontal shoulders, YOU ARE THE BODY..,


Stay IN line!


Your job is to keep your eyes fixed... to remember that if if I be lifted up, I WILL DRAW ALL MEN...


You look UP!


I am the head! And if I am the head, I am in charge of the body!

You are MY body!




The kingdom suffers violence, and the violent take it by FORCE!


How do we FORCE?


And in love!


“and when I fight I fight on my knees, with my hands lifted high, OH GOD, power belongs to YOU!”


Power belongs to GOD!

The battle belongs to HIM!


We have to give up and give it all over, because if I fight in my own strength, then the victory becomes mine!


It my story!

But it’s GODS battle!

So if my story is viewed by men without the glasses of the Man who performed the miracle


Then I get the GLORY out of this story!


Is that ok?

Can we take credit for our own victories?

I wouldn’t if I were you.


Because if you accept glory for your story, then you have to do maintenance and upkeep!


If you take credit for rapturing the saints then,

You have to keep the tombs clean...


If you take credit for bringing the rain then,

You are responsible for stopping every future flood...


If you take credit for your friend being healed...

because YOU prayed...

You are now responsible for the healing of every cancer patient...


Of every lost loved one...


Of every friend.


So don’t take credit for the narrative of this story.

Give GOD the glory...


The King of kings is praying in Gethsemane


Waiting for you to stop by HIS rock...


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