Jonas vs JESUS

Published on 10 March 2021 at 17:02

John 2:18,19


So the Jews answered and said to HIM, “what sign do You show to us, since You do these things?”

Jesus answered and said to them,


The scripture is great. I usually don’t like to use more than one scripture, but in this case you would not understand verse 19 without first reading and understanding verse 18. I believe the power of verse 19 is wrapped up in a tiny little package, with a big red bow, and that package is called verse 18.


So the Jews asked Jesus, what sign will you show to us?

What sign will You show me, Jesus?

What can YOU show me?

What can you give me in exchange for my belief in you?

Thats what they’re really asking. Can YOU, JESUS help me,


give me a show...

I don’t know

Make it quick,

just one little trick...

if you perform a trick for me...

Signs... I love that sign you made for me

Wonders and miracles you see

Couldn’t you give one, pretty please


‘I just couldn’t’, JESUS said...

And it’s easy to see that signs, wonders and miracles follow them that believe.



We all know the scripture that says these signs will follow them that believe. they shall do signs, wonders and miracles in Jesus name. My question to you is, “is that enough?” If you came to my church and I am on the platform, preaching I made a sign for everyone to see. I write on a piece of paper the word “sign.”

Would you believe?

I know there’s a scripture in the Bible as well (Matthew 12:39) that states that the only sign that will be given to this adulterous generation is the sign of Jonah. What sign was given to Jonah? It’s amazing how Scripture loops back to itself. I’m looking at this scripture and Jesus states that if this temple is destroyed HE would rebuild it in three days. So this tells me that there is absolutely nothing that God can not fix.

Just give HIM three days.

So we know Jonah was eaten by the whale on his way to Tarshish.

Stranded by this big fish, Jonah decided to follow the rules and he went to Nineveh according to the word of the Lord. It was an exceedingly great city and so it was a three day journey just to get to the city from where the fish had spit him. This is important because we just heard Jesus tell the Pharisees that if they tore their temple down HE would raise it back up again in three days. That’s is where they began asking for the sign.

It’s funny that God would allow Jesus to think of this particular prophet. I mean they were 39 books in the Old Testament and yet God allowed Jesus to think of Jonah and the test that he took.

It’s funny because when Jonah was praying inside of the whale or big fish chapter 2 verse seven says ““ when my soul fainted within me I remember the Lord and my prayers went up to you and to your holy TEMPLE. Jonah did something terrible.


He disobeyed God.

Hes a prophet and he disobeyed God.

God told Jonah in the beginning of the book, to go to Nineveh and preach to them and what did he do? Jonah got himself together and went to the dock and jumped in a boat headed for Tarshish. And I’ve been part of mini studies and they say that Tarshish was actually on the opposite side of the world from Nineveh.

Jonah never made it to Tarshish. Whats great about that is that as a prophet, Jonah had screwed up and gone completely outside of God‘s will. If he died, he would’ve had to stand in as an advocate for every person that missed getting the opportunity to hear about God because he didn’t go and do what he was supposed to do. But because of God‘s grace and mercy‘s which are new every morning, God never allowed Jonah to make the mistake of dropping the ball. Most people believe that the whale/big fish was punishment for Jonah’s mistake. I actually don’t see it that way. In order to go higher in God we have to look at things and view things the way HE views them. That is confession. I have to read it again but is my understanding that Jonah was only in the whale for three days.

Go with me for minute.

If you can handle it.

Jonah, like every other prophet or picture points directly to Christ. How does Jonah represent Christ while being disobedient?

Well, CHRIST had a death, burial and resurrection, and if you read carefully, you’ll see that Jonah did as well. Jonah had a death in that he had to be cognizant of and come to grips with everything he did in disobeying GOD.

He was confronted strongly by his own sin... He was then sentenced to go down into the water to be swallowed by the whale. And when GOD gave the notification for the whale to puke Jonah up, the whale had no choice but to yield her fruit...


Jonah was Probably the only thing in the whale that wasn’t rotten or disgusting.


Jonah went down and was symbolically resurrected...


But Jonahs resurrection could not ever save us because Jonah sinned and we are in dire straights and our savior has to be spotless.

He has to be sinfree and clean.

He can’t have one blemish on him.

JESUS is the only man that walked on earth and was sinless, blameless, and loving, set to help sin stained people, such as myself, find eternal life through HIM.


So when asked for a sign, JESUS actually points to Jonah... but what we don’t see is that while Jonah was in the grave resting, awaiting his actual resurrection date...

JESUS points Jonah out and gives him a shout out from beyond Creation, years outside of our time and Jonah shouts right back imitating the resurrection story.


He imitates it

But can not hope to ever duplicate it


He gives a Tony Award winning performance when he is vomited onto dry land BY the whale.

He doesn’t realize that the man who created the whale and every animal in the sea...


God gets credit for it all,

HES saying, “it was all created by me!

So now GOD looks to you all and says there is nothing impossible for you

If you have a problem, hand it over to me and I’ll fix it

Because I delight in you

Give me Anything you’re dealing with

I set your crooked places straight

I’ll put your bumpy roads in line




You don’t need a sign.

Just have faith in GOD.

Some scholars say that Jonah lived his life during the time when Abraham did.

So if that’s the case, we know that GOD has been in the business of forgiveness

and HES been looking for people to bless since the beginning of time. Because Jonah, a sinner, was sent to tell the people of Nineveh, by faith, that GOD wanted to save them.

Sinners, saved by grace...

No one can talk about Abraham without talking about his blessings.


And Abraham was a picture of GOD offering love by offering redemption through HIS son JESUS CHRIST.


So if you or anyone here needs a sign, I think Jonah and Abraham offer two great signs.

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