Mixed Breed Love

Published on 18 March 2021 at 12:31

John 4:1-25


The Bible makes many references to the Samaritan as an ethnically mixed breed animal of the kingdom. In the books of the law, Moses challenged GODS people by letting them know that they were not to mix their “race” with those of other nations because they openly made sacrifices to pagan gods and this was a sin in the eyes of the only true deity...


Ladies and gentlemen,

You seen HIM everywhere,

You have felt HIS love everywhere,

And HE is known for rescuing everyman on that hill,


also known as Moriah,

also known as Calvary,

The place of the skull...


Ladies and gentlemen, here HE is!


The man that requires no introduction, but we give HIM one, just because it’s fun!



And as the music plays,

The crowd goes silent.



Intently, for what HE might say...


JESUS had just left Judea. On HIS way to Galilee, HE stopped by “Jacobs” well to rest...


Why not a park bench?

Sounds ridiculous right?

Why did HE walk to this well, in the dirty part of town...

Why didn’t HE just plop down where HE was and take a rest? When I would get tired from driving, I would gladly welcome a "rest stop" where I could shut my eyes for sweet sleep. This was of course after I had stuffed some “rest stop” garbage food into my belly.


Let’s call that taking a "Random Rest.”

But this text doesn’t seem to be so “random."

As a matter of fact, the text seems to point out each place HE left and where HE stopped, while HE was on HIS way to HIS destination.

It almost seems that this Random "rest stop" wasn’t so random at all.

JESUS looks up and sees the Samaritan woman and HE asks her for a drink of water.

The woman is just as shocked as you and I are at this point.


the Lord of Lords,

the Prince of Peace,

Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,




First and the Last,

Alpha and the Omega,





And YOU sit down on this well to take a rest and wait for this 'mix breed' woman to SHOW???

The internet does not give proof of the following statement, but, Samaritans are a mixture of the Israelite and the Herodian ‘race.’ This was so detestable to the Pharisees that they would cross the road rather than help a man of Samaritan descent, if he was dying, in their presence.


Samaritans and Israelites...

both are Israelite and a part of GODS family...


How many of you would cross the street to get away from your dying brother to avoid helping him?

JESUS didn’t...


And HE still won’t. No matter your race, color, creed or age... JESUS saw this woman.


They both met, without...


The Bible says that JESUS was tired...

So HE, in that moment, lacked strength...

The Bible says that she came all the way to the well, and realized she had forgotten her water pots...


Probably not....


How do you leave your house, headed to Aldi’s, go shopping in the store, and forget that you NEED BAGS??

So was this a Coincidence?


Especially since there was no word in bible to label any event as a ‘coincidence.’


And the end of this story is so beautiful!

They met

They talked...


And she was hopefully,

Not hopelessly,

INside of love with this Man!


as You and I are, obviously...


And she knew about men because she had 5 husbands and piece of one on the side.


Some would say that she is a harlot...

I say “no”

Have you ever had the distinct feeling that there was more out there waiting for you?

And so you searched and searched for something you could not put your hand on  or hold. But with everything in you, you searched until your fingers were numb from sifting through things that just didn't add up.

I have a lot of autoimmunes. But my body doesn’t come equipped with the necessary enzymes to digest and process all of my medication. So my doctors search and search for ways to help me. The answers aren’t always clear.


We all search tirelessly for what we want. We have a vision of what we think our life should look like and unless we yield our “everything," to GOD, we generally don’t discover the purpose GOD has for us.


It is only when we lay our lives down, as a sacrifice, do we pick up new life again. (Romans 12:2)


So we all keep searching...

We were built with a little birdie in our brains that chirps out “don’t give up” when we get tired.

She didn’t get tired. And because of it she became the first evangelist because she yelled to everyone in her town, verse 29. Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did, is not this the Christ?

30. Then they went out of the city, and came unto him.”

In the beginning of their conversation she asked, "Are You greater than our father Jacob?" sort of sarcastically.

By the end of the day, she probably thought, "Jacob who?" because she told everyone she met "is this not the CHRIST?"
She yelled with such fervor and jubilee that when she said “come,” the towns people actually came.

They met JESUS and persuaded HIM to stay 2 days with HIM.


A revival...


We need a revival right now, but no successful revival can begin without the evangelist..

This woman had the mark of an evangelist on her.

Are there any evangelists in the room?


The 5 fold ministry is:







Don’t listen to any teaching that says that the HOLY SPIRIT doesn’t move that way anymore. There are 66 books in the Bible. There are 39 books in the Old Testament. There are 27 books in the New Testament. no one has it completely figured out.


Evangelists, we need you!

We can’t have revival without you!





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