I GOT Next!

Published on 19 March 2021 at 13:01

2 Samuel 9

I think the highlight for this entire chapter is the end of verse 2....

“At YOUR service!”


As of 2020, Siri believes, and I quote, that there were 7,830,458,560 people on plant earth.

(Siri received this estimate from Wikipedia)


My guess is that about 8 percent of the population carry leadership positions, 54.5 percent carry support positions in one way or another and due to the COVID crisis, and the remaining 37.5 percent are labeled disabled, unemployed, handicapped or disfunctional...


Whether my statistics are “spot on” is not the point.

The point is that we need to pay very close attention to the percentage of leaders and compare that number to the rest world...


A leader, by definition, is the principal person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

So a manager, assistant manager, server, fry cook, prep cook, food runner... these people could be really great at their jobs. They may have been the one to stand in for the general manager if they were not available. But I would always go to the top of the food chain when I had a issue. And remember, that number?

So there were approximately 55 people on staff at that tiny restaurant where I worked. How many leaders were there?



There were of course 2 Assistant Managers and 1 Supervisor who could fill in and give orders in the place of the general manager, but when someone demanded the name of the man in charge,they would shoot straight to the top. I believe the prevailing thought is obvious here. It’s great to have middle men on staff. They act as they do in football. They are your blockers. But, from the point of view of a customer looking only to get a problem solved, middle men can be nosy busy bodies who are there for one purpose...

To block vision...

I’m a leader by nature. I know that if you are taking time out of your busy day to read a blog and infuse yourself with “Hope” that you are all leaders as well.


I have a question:

How many of you love to be patched through customer service from worker bee to worker bee, and not receive any help from anyone willing to deal with the problem you keep mentioning over and over again?


The 8% of you that raised your physical hands, or hands that GOD placed in your heart, you are leaders!

So, another question...

If leaders make up the top 8% of the world then what percent do your supporting actors make up?



If you guess 92%, you are correct.

And yes, this percentage does include those who are not gainfully employed. But everyone contributes to the rollover and success of a business, whether they work, buy or sell.

You, now own a chain of ‘Pizza Hut’ stores. On Thanksgiving day, one person orders delivery and they order from ‘Dominos.’ It affects you because it touches your ‘bottom line’ for your new fiscal year.


Mephibosheth did not touch David fiscally. But he had an emotional and spiritual effect on David that could not be quantified by numbers.

You see, David and Jonathan, Mephibosheths father, made a pact (1 Samuel 18:1).

They vowed love to one another like brothers. Now Jonathan had 3 brothers and David had 7, but for some strange reason, God brought this shepherd boy and prince together counterintuitively.

The ‘counter’ boggles the mind because of their economic status. David was the youngest in his family, (sounds a little like Gideon right?) He would not qualify for any sort of birthrite or any inheritance based mostly on the fact that the Bible doesn't say that Jesses family was rich. It does say that most of his brothers had enlisted.

Growing up, I had to bring bag lunch to school everyday. My mother always made the case that school lunch was beneath us. I forgot my lunch in the first grade and my teacher gave me a dime so that I could purchase school lunch. I came home that day and vomited everywhere. My mother beat my 6 year old body like I stole something from her.

I never forgot that bag lunch again and I was so confused to read about David bringing his brothers their ‘bag lunch


Had they forgotten it?

Would they get beat?

Where was David’s whip?

How would he beat his 3 oldest brothers?

why did my mother, in fact, choose to beat me that day?

So David understood the 'financially lame' complex.

Remember, just a few days prior, he made a promise to the kings son. This covenant was so deep. It reminded me of the covenant we make with GOD in that it’s marital, in its infancy.


David vowed to love the kings son and hold in high esteem and value those things that mattered to him. Jonathan responded in the same way.

1 Samuel 20: 14,15

14 But as long as I live, promise me that you will show me kindness because of the Lord. And even when I die, 15 never stop being kind to my family. The Lord will wipe each of David’s enemies off the face of the earth. 16 At that time, if Jonathan’s name  is cut off from David’s family, then may the Lord punish David’s house.” 


They shot arrows in place of their rings. And behold,

I pronounce you Best friends in life and death!

So David, (shepherd boy) made a covenant with Jonathan (kings son)...

Now Mephibosheth (in Lo DeBar, the ghetto) is honored by David (the king)

So my last question for today...

Could it be that Mephibosheths deliverance was written into history years before he received it????


Could GOD still have a plan and purpose for your life, written out in HIS time, Kairos, and the plan is there floating...


Waiting for you to walk right into it?


My grandmother bought the first Nintendo for all of the grandkids to play on 30 years ago. I remember having only one cartridge and blowing saliva particles into it hoping that after it had operated perfectly for everyone else, that it would continue to operate for my turn.

I GOT next!

Super Mario Bros...

This game was amazing and I mention the game because there were certain points as it flowed, that coins were strategically placed and they just floated in air waiting for Mario. 


And whether Mario jumped or not those coins remained and stayed there.

Luigi could NEVER come by and retrieve Mario's coins, because they belonged to Mario!

‘Bing!’ That’s the sound the game would make when Mario jumped and retrieved his money.

What a happy sound!

Money seemed to be everywhere and the funny thing was,

It never mattered how many times Luigi had done that board and gotten money...

It never mattered how many times Mario played and had gotten money...

It never mattered whether we had played that game a million times that week, when we turned it on and ran to that spot there was always...


A coin...


Maybe this blog is Holy Spirits way of saying I see you!

Turn everything off and turn to ME!

Run to the fountain that never runs dry...


Matthew 11:28,29

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.


Take your rest in HIM today...

Get your strength...

Reach up and grab a coin, my friend....


See you tomorrow....

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