Try, trust or trying to trust.

Published on 24 March 2021 at 13:55

If I asked you if you trust GOD, what would be your response?

You know, my response to this question today is different than it was last year. As a matter of fact, the entire world has changed completely in the last 12 months...


I had ‘infant’ like trust 12 months ago. I waited at the arm of GOD. I closed my eyes when I was hungry. I would open up my mouth and wait for the Man that I rested on to place a bottle, some milk, some form of sustenance in my life.


The Bible tells us to “Wait in the LORD,” (Psalm 27:14), but if HE took too long, I would scream to the top of my lungs until my needs were met.


I operated in full reverence of that scripture found in 1 Jamie 5:1, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

But during this past year so many wheels began to squeak...

Every wheel was in the process of being changed. And there wasn't one wheel on the earth that felt good about it.

Many lost loved ones, friends and family.

And when everyone is squeaking, who do you listen to? Change IS always good. The change might not be attractive, fun or even requested, but the change IS always good.


Who told you that you were naked?


Many of you know this story. But for those who do not, let’s simply touch on the highlights. Adam (man) was created from dust, not birthed. So obviously there was no belly button. This fact implies that the maternal contact and bond most babies make was not present here. Eve was created from Adams rib. The serpent came in and tempted Eve. There was “a system” set in place, but the system did not work because of those that were a part of the system. I can purchase a puzzle and see the picture on the box, but my puzzle only works if the company puts in the right pieces in the box.

So this system was perfect, but due to the imperfections found in the “supporting players” the system took a nose dive and fell apart.





If you are thinking of going into the ministry, remember that this is the system... It was installed as early as the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and it works perfectly when its installed and followed.


King: Hur

Priest: Moses

Prophet: Aaron


World events may occur, but when the system is followed, those that respond can speak back supernaturally.


Only, when you follow the system.
When the system is broken, everything falls apart.


So, do you trust GOD?

How do you know what trust is?


Do you try to fix your own problems?

How many success stories have you had?


Or do you try to trust GOD?


As I think about where I fall, I have to consider the WORD. Hebrews 11 speaks of the 'heroes of faith...' Did they have issues with trusting GOD? Yes...

Did it stop them?

Probably not...

But that isn't the question. The question is, "will it stop you?"

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